Connect to Exact Online

Connect to Exact Online

Connecting your store to Exact Online is an easy process. Please read this tutorial carefully and completely to establish the real-time connection between WooCommerce and Exact Online.

Connect to Exact Online

1. Select your Exact Online Country Domain and click on the Connect button. 

2. Accept the Terms and Conditions and Allow Wooventory to access your Exact Administration. 

Now your connected and can (optionally) choose a different Division ID. 

Sync Settings

Please enable the Sync of the modules you wish to sync.
* Bank Account / Mandate is available on the premium plan.

General Settings

This step is crucial and cannot be ignored. Please map at least the following fields (mandatory for the sync):
  1. Journal: usually this is "Sales"
  2. GLAccount Products: this is the General Ledger Account for the Products (financial category)
  3. GLAccount Shipping Cost: this is the General Ledger Account for the Shipping cost
  4. Invoice Style: this is the template used in the invoice PDF sent to the customer via Exact
  5. Invoice Sending: Draft Invoices can be later modified or removed. Once sent to the customer, the invoice cannot be modified. During testing please use Draft Mode. 
  6. Shipping Cost Label: this is the label that we will use to add the shipping cost in the Invoice or Order
  7. Warehouse: select a warehouse if you are also syncing orders as orders

Tax Mapping

This is the last Mandatory step to sync Orders and Invoices. Exact Online must know the Tax Rates used in your WooCommerce Store. 

On the Left you see the WooCommerce Rates and on the right the Exact Online Tax Rates. Please map them accordingly.
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