Zoho Inventory / Books to Exact Online

Zoho Inventory / Books to Exact Online

With the CommerceBird plugin, you can also connect Zoho Inventory or Books to Exact Online. This requires the following:
  1. Premium plan of CommerceBird (upgrade via my-account if you are on business or free plan)
  2. Zoho Inventory integration activated via https://app.commercebird.com > integrations > Zoho inventory
  3. Zoho Inventory integration configured on a WooCommerce website
  4. Exact Online integration activated and configured


After configuring the Zoho Inventory integration (guide here), then please click on the Webhooks tab: 

1. Copy the Order Create Webhook URL and use that for the new Webhook in Zoho Books or Inventory. 
2. Copy the Auth Header token and use that as the Authorization header in the webhook config:

3. Create a Workflow Rule to trigger the above webhook every time the order gets created or edited with below rules:

4. You can remove the 3rd filter [Ref#] if you are not syncing WooCommerce orders to Zoho Inventory. 

That is all! Now your Zoho Books or Inventory order will get synced to WooCommerce and from there to Exact Online :) 

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